The Meaning Behind the Thrive Logo

The logo of Thrive Relationship and Education Services (TRES) has much meaning attached to it.

The roots of the tree represent our family of origin. A place in which our early experiences have a major influence on how we view ourselves, the world around us and how we cope and function in our daily lives today. It is in these roots that we develop our core values that lie just below the surface and can be activated at any time with an event, experience or even a smell can trigger thoughts from the past. It can be beneficial to reflect on these past experiences, not to stay stuck in the past but to keep the positive parts and to make changes away from the parts that don’t serve us well.

The trunk of the tree represents the many strengths that each one of us has. TRES operates from a strength-based model whereby participants self-determination and individual strengths are recognized and built upon in a collaborative way. If each one of us can learn to recognise and use our strengths in creative ways we can begin to flourish. Adversity can hit us at anytime and no one is immune from it, however, our workshops will share research based strategies and knowledge and offer support that can help you weather the storm and recover from adversity to stand tall and strong. At times this may mean changing shape and adapting to new conditions, but through the process their is hope that you will be strengthened by the process and adapt to a new way of being..

The branches and leaves symbolize the human ability to continually grow. A growth mindset and optimistic thinking style are key concepts in the workshops and programs offered and key attributes of resilience that are required to withstand the inevitable adversities of life.

The heart shape of the leaves represent the importance of self-love as well as love for mankind. If we can’t learn to love ourselves how can we love others fully? Appreciation, compassion, acceptance and respect are some of the values our workshops aim to foster.

The colours of the hearts represent ‘the many colours of life’ and the range of emotions we experience. Acceptance of the diversity of others and accepting ourselves is a value of Thrive Relationship and Education Services. I truly believe that to accept others for their differences is to give yourself opportunity to grow and learn from other’s experiences and have a more enriched life.

Recognizing that life is full of ups and downs, our programs aim to equip participants with a range of tools and strategies to not only survive in the face of adversities but to be strengthened and to thrive!!

Blog post by Robyn Roberts July, 2020

Logo designed in conjunction with the talented and creative Rebecca Lyon Augustus – manager of Lava Creative ❤️