Critical Reflection

Critical Reflection

Monday, 21st September

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

“The Community Hub’
4 Chichester Dr, Perth 6026

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Workshop Overview

Workshop Overview
This workshop explores what constitutes critical reflection and reflective practice and why it is so important. It will explore the ways in which a culture of reflective practice can be developed in the service in which you work. You will learn when and how to engage in critical reflection and will develop a deeper understanding of the theories that underpin the work that you do. You will have the opportunity to have conversations and share your practice with fellow educators. You will practice critical reflection of meaningful scenarios/observations and events that have occurred and receive helpful feedback in this process.
This workshop will explore:
• How critical reflection is defined and breaking down some common misconceptions
• Why critical reflection is a key component in early childhood education
• The ways in which a culture of reflective practice can be cultivated in the setting in which you work
• The environment in which professional inquiry and reflective practice works best
• The layers of critical reflections and the ways in which you can engage in reflective practice and when is
the best time to do it
• A range of traditional child development theories as well as newer theoretical ways of thinking (eg.
sociocultural theory) that opens the door to new insights and understandings and new approaches to
working with children.

Who is this workshop suitable for?
This workshop is for professionals working in childcare centers, family day care, out of school care,
playgroups or any early learning centers working with young children.
By the end of this workshop, participants will:
• Reflect on their own philosophy in early education
• Understand critical reflection and why it is a necessary component of professionalism in early childhood
• Learn ways to capitalise on opportunities throughout the day for short, spontaneous, meaningful
and authentic interactions with interest shown in the moment.
• Learn ways to make thoughtful and astute observations that can be used for future long-term planning
• Be equipped with simple, time effective ways to critically reflect on significant events that occur in daily
practice and how that can be transformed to future planning
• Receive a certificate of completion that counts towards the required professional development hours

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