Languages of Love and Children

Languages of Love and Children

Monday, 14th September

6:30 am - 8:30 am

“The Community Hub’
4 Chichester Dr, Perth 6026

$0.00 pp

Workshop Overview

“Your child, like a flower, will benefit from your love. When the water of love is given, your child will bloom and bless the world with beauty. Without that love he/she will become a wilted flower, begging for water,” says author Gary Chapman, author of ‘Five Love Languages for Children’.

You may truly love your child, but unless they really feel it deeply they may develop a feeling of being unloved and their potential to develop fully will be compromised. There are many ways of giving and receiving love and some ways will speak more loudly to your child than others. This workshop will teach you how to discover your child’s own love language and give you tools to communicate this in your child’s language. It will give you strategies to develop a deeper level of connection with your child that will resonate in their hearts and minds.

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