Understanding and Assisting your Angry Child

Understanding and Assisting your Angry Child

Monday, 7th September

6:30 am - 8:30 am

“The Community Hub’
4 Chichester Dr, Perth 6026

$0.00 pp

Workshop Overview

Anger is a universal emotion and everyone gets angry sometimes. But if you find your child gets angry frequently or can stay angry for a long time…… or they are getting into trouble….or not liking the way their anger makes them feel……or hurting others or themselves because of there anger…..this seminar is for you.

We discuss what happens to your child’s brain and their body when they are angry. We explore how to help you and your child figure out their early warning signs and/or triggers and learn strategies to be able to ‘short circuit’ a more heightened response. We will learn how anger can be a powerful and healthy motivating force in your child’s life and ways your child can deal with their anger in productive ways so they can get back to feeling great!!




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