Our Values


Thrive Relationship and Education Services shares relevant information and research-based tools and strategies that enable each participant to uncover their own unique strengths and talents that will help them to flourish. Mastery of new skills introduced in the programs will foster a deeper level of confidence and belief in oneself and their own capabilities.


TRES has an appreciates that all people face adversities, challenges and experience emotional pain and suffering at different times in their life. Thrive Relationship and Education Services is committed to helping individuals in their journey to overcome adversities through displaying patience, kindness, empathy and support. The values of empathy and kindness will be role modelled as well as taught explicitly through a range of age appropriate and interactive and engaging activities. Participants will be encouraged and be taught self-compassion as well as compassion towards others.


Thrive Relationship and Education Services is an inclusive environment and understands that all people come with their own set of strengths, individual traits, set of circumstances and life experiences. Participants attending Thrive Workshops will be encouraged to develop a greater tolerance and acceptance of the differences in others and develop a greater self-awareness and acceptance.


TRES provides a safe space for participants to share stories and talk about feelings in a non-judgmental and accepting environment. Any information about participants or stories shared in the workshops will remain confidential. TRES recognizes that trust is an essential element to building strong relationships.


TRES recognizes that every person has valuable qualities and each participant will be encouraged to share these valuable contributions to the workshops if they choose to do so. TRES exhibits care, concern and consideration for the individual needs of the participants that attend the workshops.